Reverse Freefall Coaster is a shuttle roller coaster, which launches the riders along the straight track using LSM motors and ascend the 90 degree slope. Then the riders travels down that slope and return to the station.

Maximum Height: 500 feet
Maximum Number of Vehicles per Train: 1
Modes: Interconnected

Vehicle Types
High-Tech 10-Seater - Same as High-Tech 14-Seater, but slightly smaller and encompasses 3 rows with the back row seating 4 passengers (maximum) and the other rows carrying up to 3 passengers each.
High-Tech 14-Seater - This vehicle is special-looking.
Space 14-Seater - Space-themed car.
Standard 8-Seater - This compact car has 8 seats.
Standard 15-Seater - Same as the standard 8-seater vehicle, but has been slightly enlarged to encompass 4 rows, the front of which carries up to 3 passengers, and the remaining rows have a capacity of 4 riders each.
Standard 20-Seater - Same as the standard 15-seater vehicle, but was slightly enlarged to encompass 5 rows, each seating up to 4 passengers.


  • Based on the namesake ride, manufactured by Intamin (in real-life).
  • A standard 8-seater vehicle was based on the vehicle from the namesake ride in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.
  • A space 14-seater vehicle was based on the Tower of Terror II's vehicle in Dreamworld in Australia.
  • A high-tech 14-seater vehicle was based on Superman Escape From Krypton's vehicle in Skx Flags Magic Mountain.