This roller coaster takes riders along the track, built with surprise elements.

Maximum Support Height: 100 Feet
Maximum Number of Vehicles per Train: 5
Modes: Continuous Circuit

Vehicle Types
Devil - These vehicles are shaped like devils.
Ghost - These vehicles are shaped are shaped like ghosts.
Ghoul - These vehicles are made into a ghoul shape.
Standard - These vehicles have two benches, one behind another, and each row seats 2 passengers. This also applies to all other vehicles on this roller coaster.
Supernatural - These vehicles have vines on their flanks.

Psychological Roller Coaster was based on Family Drop Coaster, manufactured by Intamin, in real life.
Psychological Roller Coaster's standard vehicles are based on the vehicles that are used on Inferno at Cinecitta World, Rome, Lazio, Italy.
Psychological Roller Coaster's supernatural vehicles are based on those used on Thirteen at Alton Towers.