This ride swings its arm (with an integrated caged gondola) round in circles, vertically.

Rider Height Restriction: 1.2 Metres
Capacity: 16 - 32 Passengers
Thrill Rating: Aggressive Thrill

Compact - A gondola can seat up to 16 people at a time.
Standard - A slightly larger gondola can seat up to 16 people at a time.


  • The compact theming of this ride was based on Sky Flyer, manufactured by Vekoma (in real-life), and the standard theming of this was based on Kamikaze, manufactured by Fabbri (in real-life); but with only one such arm each, unless you choose 'Double' when trying to construct this ride.
  • When 'Double' was chosen, that ride will include two such arms, once that was connected to each side of that ride's main structure, and while in operation, these arms (while moving) will travel in opposite directions.
  • The time of this ride is calculated by the number of swings & full rotations.