Suspended Looping Coaster is an inverted roller coaster. It involves riders seating in their seats situated below the track, like Inverted Roller Coaster.

Maximum Height: 170 Feet
Maximum Number of Vehicles per Train: 10
Modes: Continuous Circuit, Reverse Incline Shuttle, Interconnected

Vehicle Types
Standard 1 - Simple, compact vehicles, each accompanying a maximum of 2 passengers.
Standard 2 - Similar to Standard 1 vehicles, but different a little.


  • Suspended Looping Coaster and its standard 1 vehicles were based on the real life versions of the Suspended Looping Coaster and its vehicles, both manufactured by Vekoma, respectively.
  • Standard 2 vehicles resemble the vehicles on Compact Inverted Coaster in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.