Winged Roller Coaster is the roller coaster that has trains that run along the track, with riders (in groups of 2) positioned next to the track.

Maximum Height: 200 Feet
Maximum Number of Vehicles per Train: 10
Modes: Continuous Circuit

Vehicle Types
Alien - These vehicles have an alien-face shaped middle section each.
Dragon - These vehicles have scaly middle sections and two wings each (one on each side), the front vehicle has a dragon's head-shaped middle section & the back vehicle's middle section is made into a dragon's tail.
Eagle - These vehicles have an eagle-shaped middle section each.
Griffin - Same as standard vehicles, but the front vehicle's middle section was into the shape of a griffin.
Pterodactyl - These vehicles have a pterodactyl-shaped middle section each.
Standard - These vehicles have a plain middle section each.


  • Based on the Wing Coaster, manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, in real life.
  • The standard, alien, eagle & griffin vehicles on this coaster are based on X-Flight's vehicles in Six Flags Great America, The Swarm's vehicles in Thorpe Park, Wild Eagle's vehicles in Dollywood, and Gatekeeper's vehicles in Cedar Point, respectively.